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Acai Berry Select - Weight Loss Formula - 60 Capsules

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If you haven't discovered the amazing weight loss secret of the Acai Berry, this listing is the perfect chance to get in on the natural supplement that's helped everyone from celebrities to housewives lose weight and improve their overall health.


Harvested deep in the Brazillian rainforest, the Acai Berry has been used by locals for hundreds of years for its rejuvenating and cleansing properties. Now the Amazonian secret is available in a powerful supplement fortified with many other natural ingredients designed to boost the power of the Acai Berry and help you lose weight.


The result is a powerful natural formula with numerous benefits aimed at improving your overall health.


From the fruit of the Acai Palm (Euterpe oleracea) indiginous to the Amazon River Basin. Reseach has shown that acai berries contain massive amount of antioxidants that help fight free radical damage throughout the body. It is generally thought that dieting and exercising increases oxidative stress in the body, so it only make sense to take a potent, free radical scavenger during this time.


Suggested use: Take 1 capsule of acai berry select 20 minutes before breakfast, and 1 capsule 20 minutes before lunch.

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